Friday, December 08, 2006

Four New Purely Decadent Ice Cream Flavors That Are Out of This World!

My favorite dairy-free ice cream company has done it again! As if having mouth-watering flavors like Raspberry A La Mode, Peanut Butter Zig Zag, Cookie Avalanche, and Cherry Nirvana wasn't enough! Now Turtle Mountain is introducing 4 exciting new flavors that will make any ice cream lover jump for joy! I had the opportunity to taste them, and I'm sharing my thoughts on these new delectables with you here, along with visuals to get you in the mood.

So Very Strawberry, is just that: Verrrrrrrrrrry strawberry. Strawberry fans will be totally enchanted with this scrumptious strawberry ice cream laced with a ribbon of sensously sweet strawberry sauce and packed with chunks of succulent, ripe strawberries.

Coconut Craze really is cuh-ray-zee! It's cool, creamy coconut ice cream infused with shredded coconut, bits of roasted almonds, and dark chocolate flakes. It's a tropical sensation that tastes a lot like a piƱa colada, though it contains not even a trace of pineapple.

It's hard to choose, but my favorite new flavor has got to be Pomegranate Chip. It boasts a luscious, juicy, refreshing taste almost like berries, and is bursting with a veritable explosion of dark chocolate flakes. Every spoonful is like celebrating the 4th of July in your mouth!

And finally, there's Cookie Dough—Imagine arctic clouds of vanilla ice cream infused with mountains of cookie dough and rich, dark chocolate chips. Cookie Dough fans will go head over heels for this flavor, and what's even more amazing, is that it's gluten free!